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Aarin & Co.

Satin Lined Jersey Beanie-Light Cocoa

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SATIN LINED jersey beanie for babies & toddlers

Buttery soft Bamboo jersey beanies designed for everyday wear on the outside and hair protection on the inside. These stylish and modern beanies are soft, breathable, and lined with satin to protect your little one's hair from frizz, knotting, breakage and overall damage. 

Can be worn cuffed or uncuffed depending on desired look 

Available in multiple colors and sizes for boys and girls

Make sure to check sizing before purchasing!

Size Guide

XS/S : NB-3mo (12in circumference unstretched)

S/M: 3-9mo (15in circumference unstretched)

M/L: 9mo - 2y/o (17in circumference unstretched)

For All

There's ample stretch. Size can be adjusted to be smaller by wearing the beanies cuffed and made larger by wearing uncuffed.

The amount of hair your baby has may also affect sizing/fit.

Please note that sizing is an estimate and every child is different. When in doubt, we recommend sizing up!

Why Satin

Why we choose satin for our babies

At Aarin & Co. we line all of our headwraps with high quality stretch Charmeuse Satin, one of the best types of satin out there. Unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture from hair and skin, satin is silky smooth, repels moisture, and promotes maintenance of healthy hair. 

The fact is, no one spends more time laying down on their backs than our babies! These surfaces (cotton) are unfriendly to your baby's hair and skin. Our satin-lined products help protect your baby's hair from frizz, knotting, and breakage that lead to that oh-so-common bald spot in the back of your baby's head. All while promoting hair growth and overall healthier hair. 

Making the choice to dress your baby in an Aarin & Co. headwrap isn't just choosing style, but choosing to help keep your little one's hair healthy and curls fresh! 


1. The color may vary depending on device screen

2. Our beanies s are hand made and machine sewn so there may be subtle differences from one piece to the next

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Frank Edmondson

Satin Lined Jersey Beanie-Sapphire


Keeps my babies hair soft


Perfect for my little girl.


I love the material. Very soft. It’s cute. The only issue the hat came undone and it’s kind of hard to flip the hat back in its original shape. It also too big for my 3 week old baby.

Ajasia Johnson

I love this hat Xs for my preemie baby and it fits great on him he still have to grow into it but the hats they use at the hospital are really making my baby hair dry out! As soon as I put the silk jersey hat on him the next day his hair was shiny I love it thank you.

Say hello to thriving baby hair

Our beanies are intentionally made with your baby's hair care in mind, all without compromising their style and comfort. Give your newborn a jumpstart to healthy, flourishing hair!

Model is 3wks old wearing size XS/S Jersey Beanie in` color Sapphire.