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Baby balding and bad hair days don't have to be a huge part of your little one's milestones. Our satin-lined headwear and silk accesories offer a stylish way to protect your baby's hair by providing a tension free surface that prevents frizz, dryness, knotting, and breakage.

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Styles that will get your little in the holiday spirit!

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Our accessories are made with premium fabrics and materials inside and out. Not only are they beautiful to wear and protective, but super comfy on your baby's delicate head and growing hair.

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Our Mini Silk Scrunchies made of 100% mulberry silk that won't pull, tug, or break your baby girl's hair.

Inspired by My Daughter

Our Story

"As a mom to a beautiful baby girl, I am very conscious about caring for her naturally cury hair. Babies are more prone to hair loss due to the constant friction from laying on their backs. Because of this, I wanted to make sure I was always protecting Aarin's hair from breakage and damage but without compromising her style. Dressing Aarin up brings me so much joy; her outfits are thoughtfully selected and finished with a headwrap to complete her look. I was shocked that I couldn't find headwear for babies that were both stylish and protective so I decided to create them myself: Satin-lined headwraps that combine both fashion and hair care into one. Aarin & Co. was inspired by my daughter, for my daughter, and is a true labor of love. I am thrilled that you found our shop because I am so excited to share our products with other parents! "

-Mama Aarin

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