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With Aarin & Co, you're not just adding a stylish accessory – you're safeguarding your baby's precious hair, putting an end to frizz, dryness, knotting, and breakage. Discover our exclusive collection featuring our premium satin-lining, the secret to nurturing your baby's hair to perfection right from birth.

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Loved by over 10,000 Parents
Loved by over 10,000 Parents
I absolutely love these turbans and bows! I didn’t think my infant could experience such luxury from a protective wrap, but Aarin&co makes it possible!
— Myranda Thomas
(M/L) Satin Lined Adjustable Turban-Snow Ribbed
Loved by over 10,000 Parents
It fits my son perfectly and looks great!
— Shaun Williams
(XS/S) Satin lined Jersey Beanie-Black
Loved by over 10,000 Parents
We love our adjustable turban so much. It’s so cute and matches so many of my baby girls outfits!!! This momma will do anything to prevent a bald spot!!! Thank you
— Allysa Crum
(S/M) Satin Lined Turban-Oat Ribbed
Loved by over 10,000 Parents
This hat is so cute for my son! I know he will wear it ALL winter long. The fact that it is satin lined is the best part!
— Toni D.
(S/M) Cashew Ribbed Knit Beanie
Loved by over 10,000 Parents
The headbands are perfect! Couldn’t love them more.
— Catherine S.
(S/M)Satin Lined Bow Headband- Snow & Oat
Loved by over 10,000 Parents
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Loved by over 10,000 Parents
Love this hat!! It fits my baby perfectly.
— Mame Dior Beye
(XS/S) Satin Lined Jersey Beanie-Beige

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The one and only

Adjustable Turban for babies

Stop struggling to find the right size headwrap for your baby girl. Our adjustable satin lined turbans are not only beautiful to wear, but they are intentionally crafted for nurturing developing curls while achieving the perfect fit

Mama Owned, Baby Inspired

"As a new mom, I worried about everything! One of the things that concerned me at the time was the lack of available products for and information about haircare for babies with naturally curly hair.

We all know that textured hair requires a bit more love and care, but to add to that babies in general are more prone to hair loss due the damaging effects of friction from constantly laying on their backs, or car seats, highchairs, you name it! Being very mindful of this, I wanted to make sure I did what I could to care for my baby girl’s hair from the very start.

On my search for what I would need to care for her developing hair, I was left with options that didn’t fully meet my needs. One of which were your traditional cotton baby hats that dry out and break your hair ultimately leaving your hair lifeless and damaged. I wanted something better for my baby girl, so I decided to create it myself.

Today we have a beautiful assortment of satin-lined accessories made not only to protect your baby’s hair but do so in such a simple and beautiful way. Now, nurturing Aarin’s hair is more than just a routine, it’s a celebration of love, beauty, and motherhood. Aarin & Co. was inspired by my daughter, for my daughter, and is a true labor of love. I am thrilled that you found our shop because I am so excited to share our products with you! "

-Mama Aarin