The anticipation of a newborn is a wondrous time, and for curly-haired moms expecting little curls of joy, special care is paramount. What better way to express your love and care than with Aarin & Co's curly baby approved Newborn Gift Sets? Made with premium satin lining, these sets are the definition of Big Luxe energy for baby. Let's delve into the details of each set designed to make every newborn feel cherished and hair flourishing!

1. Satin Lined Bow Headband Gift Set: For the best-in-class accessories, our Satin Lined Bow Headband Gift Set is an exquisite choice. Elevate your baby girl's style without compromising the safety of her precious edges. The premium satin lining in our bow headbands ensures that your little one can accessorize in the most thoughtful way. This charming collection includes three of our most popular baby girl colors, adding a touch of sweetness to every outfit.

2. Satin Lined Adjustable Turban Gift Set: Treat the new mama and newborn in your life with the ultimate blend of care, love, and style. Our Satin Lined Adjustable Turban Gift Set is a New Mama Fave! Designed for a secure fit and a perfect mix of colors for any baby girl to accessorize with. Each turban is lined with premium satin, silky smooth to keep baby's precious hair tangle-free, allowing it to flourish and grow. This sweet collection features our best-selling colors for girls, making it an ideal and stylish baby gift for any special occasions


3. Satin Lined Bamboo Jersey Beanie Gift Set: Gift the expecting mama or newborn in your life with the ultimate show of love and care. Our Satin Lined Bamboo Jersey Beanie Gift Set is a celebration of coziness and style. The buttery soft Bamboo exterior combined with premium satin interior ensures that your baby stays warm, comfy, and their hair remains free from frizz, knots, and balding. This sweet collection includes three of our most popular baby boy colors, making it a perfect ensemble for your little one

For expecting moms and babies with curls, our newborn gift sets are more than just essentials—they're statements of love and care. For anyone that's looking to find the perfect baby shower gift or newborn welcome gift that shows just how thoughtful you are with gifting, then these are an absolute must buy!

Unveil the world of Aarin & Co and explore the luxurious offerings that promise to make your baby's curl care journey even more special.

November 21, 2023 — Oluwadamilola Famuyiwa